To show that the veterans' efforts are appreciated. Recognition has several purposes, morally and ethically: we as a society acknowledge our veterans and show them support. Recognition acts as a healer and defense against mental illnesses, such as PTSD.


The events are used to spread awareness about the "Veteran Cause." This includes those who have unfortunately suffered physical and psychological injuries, and that veterans are not "victims" but a resource to Danish society.


To run the concerts, more than 1,000 veterans will need to be involved as volunteers. This idea is used to prioritize the group of veterans who, due to physical or mental disorders, are not currently able to take on a full-time job. It will provide life content and at best help veterans return to the labor market in Denmark. In addition, there will be "meeting points" at the concert venue where veterans will have the opportunity to meet former colleagues from the areas where they have been posted.


It is expected that the concerts will generate profits that will be distributed to the many voluntary initiatives that work to create better conditions for Danish veterans. Many of the initiatives today depend on support from the Forvaret, charitable foundations, and other organizations where the number of funds available are limited. Furthermore, the amount of funds available is dependent on the political support for the "case" at any given time. Therefore, it could be feared that in the long term, less political focus will be put on those areas, which will reduce the funds for the cause. In the long run, the Veteran Foundation could become a strong, self-supporting fund that, in addition to the direct activity of ENGAGE, could contribute to other initiatives in the area to raise financial resources.


Bag ENGAGE er Veteranfonden, som arbejder for at styrke veteransagen i Danmark – bl.a. ved at holde fest og give gratis billetter til veteraner.
For at opretholde status som fond, kræver det 100 donationer á 200 kr årligt.

Du kan hjælpe os i mål med dette års donationer, ved at sende min. 200 kr. via Mobil-Pay: 474930

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