The Veteran Foundation wants to create a strong establishment that will be able to aid other veteran initiatives that help to inform, show recognition and create a community for all of Denmark's veterans.

As a key initiative of the festival, ENGAGE aims to reach the whole country over the next 5 years. The Veteran Foundation wants to tie the entire veteran community together and bridge the gap between veterans and the community, by involving as many initiatives as possible - and in the long term be able to support other veteran associations and organizations. Examples of these may be associations and initiatives mentioned in the Veteran Center's list of veteran actors. Of course, other veteran initiatives and associations that are not on the Veteran Center's list may also be considered at The Veteran Foundation.

The goal of the Veteran Foundation is to create a strong foundation that can connect all associations and initiatives of veterans so that they can spend their time and resources on doing something good for veterans, rather than spending time on fundraising. In addition, we want to create a cultural change in Danish society and become better at showing recognition to the people we can call: veterans.

In today's society, the veteran concept is often used in a negative or misunderstood context and too few positive stories are told. This why the view of veterans in the community is the way it is, but The Veteran Foundation would like to change that. Most of Denmark's veterans come home with many great skills and strengths, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and more. They can use these skills in civil society - and they have been used by many to create business or contribute to society.